Throughout the 236 days that the psychological counseling hotline in 2022, 1067 counseling services in total were provided.

Between November 20, 2021, and November 20,2021, Pembe Hayat Psychological Counseling Hotline;

  • In the 236 days it was open, it provided services for a total of 1416 hours.
  • Totaling 747 phone calls, the psychological counseling hotline offered psychological counseling.
  • The additionally sent 272 emails offering written advice.
  • The three most frequent cities were Ankara (27%), Istanbul (17%), and Zmir (9%) out of the 35 cities listed in the applications. (18% N/A)
  • The most frequent callers to the hotline for psychological counseling were students. (17.3%) Second, those who are sex workers (8%) and the people who had no employment. (3%) (46% N/A)
  • The processes of providing psychological support for coming out, gender adjustment, and military service are among the topics that receive psychological counseling the most.