Media Workshops for Trans Activists

Pembe Hayat LGBTI+ Solidarity Association held its first-ever "Media Workshops for Trans Activists" online. Between April 8 and 9, an online event called "Media Workshops for Trans Activists" brought together LGBTI+ people who want to produce news, write about their experiences, and participate in the voluntary trans media network. The participants in the workshops not only learned the fundamental skills and techniques of news writing, but also how to write news that is gender- and rights-focused, covers civil society and its activities, uses storytelling to examine the news, and provides examples of hate speech directed at LGBTI+ people. a hands-on approach to learning digital and AI-based tools for journalists.

The workshops that began on Saturday were led by Evrim Kepenek, who also taught workshops on gender-focused journalism and interview-debate-conversation techniques. The Rights-Based Journalism and Journalism Ethics Workshop was directed by Içek Tahaolu. Hate Speech in the News and LGBTI+ Representation in the Media, Civil Society Journalism with Derya Kap, Storytelling with Handan Dall, and Digital Tools for Journalists with Tuveyc Timur were presented on Sunday with the help of Yıldız Tar.